The NFT4Play Membership Pool and Everyone-Must-Win Lottery is kicking off

It’s rewarding to be a member

Becoming a member and membership levels

In order to become a member you need to contribute at least $25 into the membership pool.

Changing levels and ending membership

You are free to contribute more into the membership pool or take out whatever you have contributed at any time.


Medals are distributed to Members once a week. Once distributed you can claim your medal from the pool. Medals can be used to mint NFT playing cards which you can then use to play.

Everyone-Must-Win Lottery

For every $1.00 you put into the Membership Pool you get an entry ticket to the Everyone-Must-Win Lottery. Hold onto your tickets as these must be returned to the pool when you reclaim your contribution from the pool.

  1. A single ticket will be drawn and the ticket holder will receive 10% of the prize pool.
  2. The remaining 90% is split between Green, Silver, Gold and VIP levels according to a formula and then each ticket for that level holder receives an equal split of the pool per ticket.

How we generate the reward pool for the lottery

Every time a new member contributes to the membership pool we deploy most of the contribution into a fixed return yield optimizer. The remainder is used as liquidity by our partner Sportingfunds Inc on sports betting using algorithm based betting strategies. The returns are then placed into the lottery pool. NFT4Play may also, at its discretion, boost returns using profits from the games.



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