NFT4Play and Sportingfunds have partnered to give NFT4Play members real sports-based returns.

3 min readSep 23, 2021

Sportingfunds sports trading services are going to be folded into NFT4Play’s platform so that members can seamlessly benefit. The first integration has already been delivered and NFT4Play now makes available sports betting tips as low-cost NFTs on a weekly basis.

Once the NFT4Play membership pool is launched, we will enhance returns to members by using a fraction of the pool to derive returns from the Sportingfunds platform. Return from the deployment of capital into this service will be distributed via our everyone-must-win member’s lottery.

“NFT4Play has been built to reward players on every level and our partnership with Sportingfunds delivers real value”

Marc Lee, CEO NFT4Play

Sportingfunds Inc has developed a proprietary algorithm that has identified a definite and consistent edge in the way global soccer markets are formed, and for the first time, the company is ready to allow the investment public access to this proven business model. The algorithm generates predictions on the outcome of global soccer matches and compares them to the odds generated by bookmakers. The algorithm refines itself with each result so, by design, it continuously learns and develops.

The Sportingfunds trading team compiles in-depth news and statistical analysis on world soccer, complemented by information from extensive contacts within the sport itself and the media. This information, supported by the algorithm, allows the trader to place trades at the best prices available. The algorithm then makes use of the liquidity in global soccer markets to assess where trades should be placed. Working closely with major European and Asian bookmakers, the trading team uses the results to maximize profits and reduce trading risk.

The Company is working closely with Imperial College, London, a world-renowned public research university, to test and improve the existing model and identify new algorithms across multiple sports. To this end, the Company is excited to announce that it has completed a successful back-test on over 7,000 NFL games and will be presenting its findings to prospective clients in October 2021.

“Our results speak for themselves and we will continue to deliver industry-leading returns using our proprietary algorithm which has identified a definite and consistent edge in the global soccer markets.”

Warren Llambias, Trading Director Sportingfunds Inc

While we accept that sports trading always has an element of risk, we are committed to managing that risk. The generally accepted model used to derive the size of your bet relative to your capital is the Kelly Criterion, published by J.L.Kelly in his seminal paper A New Interpretation of Information Rate (Bell System Technical Journal, 35, 917–926). Where Kelly would suggest trading around 13.33% of your bankroll at odds of 3.0 or +200 and a probability of 35% success rate, Sportingfunds trades a maximum of 1.00% per trade.

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