Squares Capital and TWO TWO welcomes NFT4Play

The Pigeons have finally hatched and are leaving the coop!

A few weeks ago, we announced our strategic partnership with NFT marketing dynamo — Squares Capital; where we revealed our aim to offer our community masterfully 3D animated and rendered NFTs.

Squares Capital and TWO TWO sought to facilitate the creation of high-quality PFP NFT collections; that offer practical capabilities with a robust set of use-cases, giving our NFT holders access to a world of endless possibilities. The vision included high-quality 3D rendered and multifunctional NFTs, with future platform integration to maximize the potential of our ecosystem.

Ultimately, we have entered into a collaborative partnership with the trailblazing iGaming titans over at NFT4Play; to help us achieve this initiative. Their contribution will be invaluable in streamlining a secure and scalable platform that will house the larger multi-community world of CosmicFaction. In addition, NFT4Play will also have a leading role in the continued development of the debut collection on CosmicFaction that puts the ‘coo’ in cool, Pigeon Flight Club.

The CosmicFaction ecosystem and the Pigeon Flight Club functionalities will be gradually introduced on the NFT4Play website in phases. We will share the latest exclusive content during these rollouts, including, CosmicFaction perks, future faction releases, team faction chat rooms, tantalizing in-game rewards, and so much more.

Marc Lee, CEO of NFT4Play, stated:

“We are enthusiastic about being part of this groundbreaking and historic collaboration. Developing a cross-platform, multi-community p2e ecosystem on an immersive platform is an industry first. The most essential component of gaming is the synergistic play between action and team morale. This three-way partnership will enable us to build stronger teams by driving real value to team players.”

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