Penalty Shootout — How to Play

6 min readMay 16, 2022

Game Overview

Penalty Shootout is NFT4Plays premier game. It has been designed to be easy to play to enable as many people to start engaging on the platform as possible; yet rewarding so that even experienced gamers can find it enjoyable.

It allows games to build a team of 4 football players and then use them to play against other players.

Building your team

A team consists of 1 goalkeeper and 3 strikers. You can obtain cards in one of the following ways:

  • NFT4Play Members receive a medal each week which can be used to mint NFT Playing Cards for free
  • Medals can be won in competitions, AMAs and by being active in our telegram channel
  • Buy an NFT on our site using stable coin or using, for a 50% discount, 4PLAY tokens
  • Trade and buy cards on the secondary market at NFTrade

It is important to note that any card can be played in position, but the skills and attributes of the cards will influence the performance of the team.

What makes a winning team

This list is not complete, but when building a winning team, the following points will help guide your decision regarding which cards to look out for.

Goalkeeper boosts

  • High goalkeeping, defence and stamina skill scores
  • Gloves give a small boost

Striker boosts

  • High attack, midfield and stamina skill scores
  • Gloves give a small penalty

Team based boosts

  • The player that is Captain gets a boost
  • Professional teams dress the same — the more your team is wearing the same kit the bigger the boost. Shirts are more important than shorts which are more important than socks. This is the main team based boost.
  • Experience counts too — so Legendary Cards are better than VIP cards. This is a much smaller boost.
  • Cyborgs get a minor boost too!

Top Tip: A full Green team with good skills and the same kit will most likely beat a Legendary Team of the same skill but their kit is not the same

How do I play

Step 1 — Select your team

Select a player for each position. There is one goalkeeper and there are 3 strikers. A player can only be fielded in a single position and one player can be selected to be the captain.

Top Tip: Captaincy, Games Played and Goals Scored will be stored in the metadata of the card and these will be used in future… start building up your player stats now.

The more cards are played, the more desirable they will become. Especially once we launch the full Football game which will enable more complicated strategies.

Step 2 — Top up your gaming balance and select how much you wish to play for

In order to play, you need to top up your gaming balance with 4PLAY tokens. Wins and losses are accrued/subtracted from this balance.

Penalty Shootout is PvP game where each player places a bet in 4PLAY tokens and the winner takes all, less a small fee which is paid to NFT4Play. This fee is used for operations which includes the Play2Earn distribution to Legendary Card holders and prizes paid out to players.

Select the bet size you wish to play.

Step 3 — Find Player and Play

Once you are satisfied with you team and bet size click on the “Fine Player and Play”. You will then be automatically matched with a random player that also wishes to play and the game will play.

Each striker in turn takes a shot at goals against the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

The outcome of each penalty is based on a random gaussian distribution numbers where the goalkeeper’s score and the strikers score are used as means. This means that the higher scored player will on average win, but lucky shots and saves are possible!

Once the game is finished the winner takes all less a small fee. If the game is a draw the full amount is returned to each player with no fee paid.

Example 1: Player A plays against Player B and where the game fee is 500 4PLAY tokens. Player A scores 2 goals and Player B scores 1 goal; the score is 2–1 to Player A. Player A therefore receives 1,000 4PLAY tokens less a small amount paid to NFT4Play.

Example 2: Player A plays against Player B and where the game fee is 500 4PLAY tokens. Player A scores 2 goals and Player B scores 2 goals; the score is 2–2 and so it is a draw. Each player receives 500 4PLAY tokens back and NFT4Play does not charge a fee.

Ad Hoc Prizes

In addition to betting, NFT4Play will run ad hoc competitions and give prizes to the teams based on things such as most games played or goals scored in a week

Watch our channels for announcements!

Coming Soon!!!!

We are releasing gaming enhancements in stages to help people learn the game and to get early feedback.

Top Tip: Watch announcements for our bug bounty and feedback competition.

The following list of enhancements planned over the next quarter can be found below. Let us know in our channels what you think.

Upgrading Cards

Cards will be upgradable in future releases to a maxim level of 10. Each upgrade will allow you to increase your skill points and take part in lower divisions which will payout bigger prizes and allow you to reach greater glory.


At launch there will only be one division. However, as soon as we launch the ability to upgrade cards there will be 10 divisions. The lower the division the higher level card you can use.

Division 10 — Level 1 cards only

Division 9 — Level 2 or lower cards only

Division 8 — Level 3 or lower cards only

Division 7 — Level 4 or lower cards only

Division 6 — Level 5 or lower cards only

Division 5 — Level 6 or lower cards only

Division 4 — Level 7 or lower cards only

Division 3 — Level 8 or lower cards only

Division 2 — Level 9 or lower cards only

Division 1 — Any level card

The lower the division the bigger the prizes that can be won. Also, there are lower fees for taking part in higher divisions.

Gaming DAO

Anyone who stakes on our platform will be able to vote on the parameters that drive the game engine. The following will apply:

  • Each 4PLAY or LP token staked counts as a vote; as LP stakers provide the most stability to the network they will have a greater say.
  • Parameters will be updated at 12h00 UTC daily based on the weighted vote from the community

The full formula for the game will be published so that the community can understand the impact of their vote.

Tournaments and Competitions

Tournaments will be added in a future release. This will allow teams to compete in tournaments to win prizes.

Playability Enhancements

The UI will be improved as we get feedback. This will include both functional changes and cosmetic changes (e.g. better graphics).

Game Rules and Terms & Conditions

By playing the game you are agreeing to the general terms and conditions as outlined on and the rules of the game.

The outcome of the game is final.

NFT4Play in its sole discretion will adjudicate should there be a dispute. In this event, NFT4Plays decision will be final and binding.

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