Penalty Shootout Gleam Campaign

To celebrate the launch of our first game, Penalty Shootout, we are running a gleam campaign with lots of giveaways and prizes!

Penalty Shootout has been designed to be easy to play yet rewarding so that new and experienced gamers can find it enjoyable.

To find out more about the game: Click Here:

To play the game: Click Here

To enter the Gleam Campaign competition: Click Here.

Prizes on Offer

Total Prize Pool Value: $6,750

  • 1 x $250
  • 5 x $100 in 4PLAY tokens
  • 5 x Legendary Cards (cost on site $500)
  • 10 x VIP Cards (cost on site $100)
  • 25 x Gold Cards (cost on site $50)
  • 50 x Silver Cards (cost on site $25)


The rules are simple:

  1. Entry tickets will be earned for each of the following actions:
  • Play the game and tweet a positive comment and your result as well as tagging NFT4Play and 5 friends (5 points per tweet)
  • Refer a friend (10 points per friend referred)
  • Join or Telegram Community (10 points)
  • Follow us on Twitter (10 points)
  • Visit our webpage (10 points)

2. Competition Start: From the launch of the game

3. Competition End: 30th June 2022 12h00 UTC

4. Anyone can enter (other than then NFT4Play team)

5. NFT4Play’s decision in all matters related to this competition is final.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn platform that enables players to build teams and compete against each other as individuals or in factions. The company targets a broad global community of sports and fantasy gamers, including eSports. To find out more visit the company’s website (

To be kept up-to-date with our latest announcements follow us on telegram and twitter.

Learn more at our Website




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