Penalty Shootout Gaming Engine and Parameters

3 min readJun 28, 2022

Introducing and overview

We are drawing to the end of the Beta Release phase of Penalty Shootout and are preparing for the next phase of gaming including leaderboards, tournaments and card upgrades.

During the Beta Phase we were able to make adjustments to fine tune the gaming engine and we appreciate all the feedback we have received from the community via our soical media channels and via our Bug Bounty competition.

We are therefore releasing the next phase of the game including:

  1. To update the UI to show goal saving and striking stats in the UI.
  2. Publishing the formula that is used in the game engine along with the parameters.

Please note that there is a random element to the outcome of each strike on goals as the ability scores are fed into a Gaussian Random Generator.

The next phases of the the game engine will be to:

  • Illicit feedback from the community and implement manual changes based on social media votes.
  • Implement a Gaming DAO where the community will be able to change the parameters of the gaming engine via real-time voting.

TOP TIP: Study the formula closely to build your winning team and remember that even Green teams can beat Legendary Teams!

Game Engine Formula and Parameters

In Penalty Shootout consists of two side (A and B) each with one goalkeeper and 3 strikers. Each striker shoots for the goal in turn.

General Parameters

CyborgBoost = 0.1%

CaptaincyBoost = 1% if checked, 0% if not checked

Experienced Team Boost

Green Card = 1 points

Silver Card = 2 points

Gold Card = 3 points

VIP Card = 4 points

Legendary Card = 5 points

ExperiencedTeamBoost = ( TotalCardPoints / 20 ) x 2.0%

Professional Team Boost




MaxProffesionalTeamBoost = 25%

ProfessionalTeamBoost = { [ (MaxShirtsTheSame/4 x ShirtWeight) + (MaxShortsTheSame/4 x ShortsWeight) + (MaxSocksTheSame/4 x SocksWeight)] } x MaxProfessionalTeamBoost


GoalkeeperGloveModifier = 5% (positive if wearing gloves, negative if not wearing gloves)

MaxGoalkeeperStaminaModifier = 5%

MaxStamina = 100 (max possible at level 10 card)

GoalkeeperStaminaModifier = [(4 — SaveNum)/3] x (Stamina / MaxStamina) x MaxGoalkeeperStaminaModifier

DefenceModifier = 25%

SaveSaveNum = (Goalkeeping + [Defence x DefenceModifier] ) x (1 + GoalkeeperGloveModifier + ProfessionalTeamBoost + ExperiencedTeamBoost + CyborgBoost + GoalkeeperStaminaModifier) x (1+CaptaincyBoost)


StrikerGloveModifier = 5% (positive if not wearing gloves, negative if wearing gloves)

MaxStamina = 100 (max possible at level 10 card)

MaxStrikerStaminaModfier = 5%

StrikerStaminaModifier = [(4 — StrikeNum)/3] x (Stamina / MaxStamina) x MaxStrikerStaminaModfier

MidfieldModifier = 25%

StrikeStrikeNum = (Attack +[Midfield x MidfieldModifier]) x (1 + StikerGloveModifier + ProfesionalTeamBoost + ExperiencedTeamBoost + CyborgBoost + StrikerStaminaModifier) x (1+CataincyBoost)

Determining the result

For each turn, a random number is calculated according to a gaussian distribution for each Save and each Strike according to the formula

Score = RandomGaussian (Mean, Sigma) where,

  • For ResultSaveSaveNum the mean is SaveSaveNum
  • For ResultsStrikeStrikeNum the mean is StrikeStrikeNum
  • Sigma is equal 3

Please Note: We are slowly adjusting Sigma down over time which means that the random element will be reduced over time.

About Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is NFT4Plays first game. It has been designed to be easy to play to enable as many people to start engaging on the platform as possible; yet rewarding so that even experienced gamers can find it enjoyable. It allows games to build a team of 4 football players and then use them to play against other players.

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