NFTrade and NFT4Play Trading Competition with NFT Prizes!

Giveaway Details

  • 1 Legendary Medal (500 USDT value)
  • 1 VIP Medal (100 USDT value)
  • 2 Gold Medals (50 USDT value each)
  • 10 Silver Medals (25 USDT value each)

How to Participate

  • Follow @NFTradeOfficial and @Nft4Play on Twitter.
  • Complete at least one purchase, sale, or trade of a NFT4Play Football Cards on NFTrade (accessible here).
  • After completing the transaction, tweet about your experience (with a screenshot of the transaction), tag @NFTradeOfficial and @Nft4Play, include the hashtag #NFTradeNFT4PlayGiveaway, and post the wallet address you made the NFT transaction with for verification.

Why should I trade and what am I looking for

  • 3 cards with a high attach score (max is 10)
  • 1 card with a high goalkeeper score (max is 10) and gloves on its hands
  • All your players wearing the same shirt, same shorts and same socks — they more they match the better
  • High stamina will be useful too!
  • A team of Green Cards with these attributes can stand their own against even Legendary Cards



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