NFT4Play Partners with UniFarm

  • Week 1: You’ll be earning $T1 as a reward.
  • Week 2: You’ll be earning $T1 and $T2 as rewards.
  • Week 3: You’ll be earning $T1, $T2 and $T3 as rewards.
  • Week 4+: You’ll be earning $T1, $T2, $T3 and $T4 as rewards.
  • Stake any ONE token (e.g $4PLAY) and farm ALL the others
  • The pool for Cohort 36 will last for 180 Days
  • We guarantee a minimum of 36% APY for this cohort
  • Earn up to 200% APY
  • Maximum user staking limit is $500k per project
  • The pool is on Binance Network, with BEP-20 Tokens
  • Users can only unstake their tokens after the Cohort ends




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