NFT4Play Partners with Tank Metaverse

2 min readMar 31, 2022


NFT4Play’s focus is to deliver exhilarating games to players globally; enabling players to compete against each other in tournaments for prizes and to bet against each other in player vs player matches, duals and combat.

Tank Metaverse includes both exhilarating Play2Earn gameplay with Tank Metaverse, a cross-reality ecosystem that will enhance NFT4Play gaming choice and experience.

We constantly scout for innovative and compelling Play2Earn content to bring to our community, and CryptoTanks ticks all the boxes

Avron Goss — Founder NFT4Play

Tankopolis will be a 3D Metaverse city that brings together people with diverse interests and personalities.

The central attraction will be the Tank Arena. The community can buy Farm Factories to farm tokens, earn Battle Rewards for winning tank battles and build their own NFT Tanks. This has all aspects of Play2Earn that we love — action, farming economies and NFTs that are tradable.

The Tank Arena is set to open Q3 2022 and NFT4Play will integrate with Tank Metaverse as one of the first integrated eSports products, running Tank Arena tournaments for prizes and PvP betting.

But there is more… Tank Metaverse will host some of the NFT4Play events, bringing sports and fantasy battles to the citizens of Tankopolis.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn platform that enables players to build teams and compete against each other as individuals or in factions. The company targets a broad global community of sports and fantasy gamers, including eSports. To find out more visit the company’s website (

About Tanks Metaverse

Tanks Metaverse is a Play2Earn game based in Tankopolis. A metaverse city built around the Tank Arena, allowing players to buy and build tank NFTs and then do battle with each other. (

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