NFT4Play Partners with SYRK Corporation

2 min readDec 22, 2021


Extending content, extending reach

NFT4Play’s primary focus is to deliver exhilarating games to players globally; enabling players to compete against each other in tournaments for prizes and to bet against each other in player vs player matches, duals and combat. The core team has been focused on developing its first game, soccer, and will then extend this with other sports and fantasy games.

Our partnership with SYRK Corporation, our first 3rd party game developer partnership, adds a new dimension to NFT4Play that will enhance the player’s experience and extend the use case for the 4PLAY token.

Marc Lee, CEO NFT4Play: While we have a strong team of game content developers, we are always on the lookout to forge partnerships with strong content developers.

SYRK Corporation is developing an exhilarating NFT based game called VicesNFT. VicesNFT will be engaging and have game features and attributes that are going to be appealing to a wide gaming segment. At this point it is not possible to reveal much of what is planned, as it will be a game that unfolds as the players engage with it.

Krystian.eth, CEO SYRK: Partnering with NFT4Play allows us to focus on delivering a great game knowing that there is a solid underlying architecture and token economy, enabling speed to market.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn platform that enables players to build teams and compete against each other as individuals or in factions. The company targets a broad global community of sports and fantasy gamers, including eSports. To find out more visit the company’s website.

About SYRK Corporation

Syrk is the world’s first enterprise-ready, blockchain driven ecosystem for digital ideas. We provide a user-friendly, turnkey solution so that artists, creators and project founders can launch an NFT project without having to worry about the technical development and allowing you to focus on what matters most: creating.

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