NFT4Play Partners with MasterTeam Fantasy Football

Bringing UK Premier League fantasy football to the Play2Earn community

NFT4Play has partnered with UK based MasterTeam Fantasy Football to bring fantasy football to Play2Earn and crypto enthusiasts globally.

MasterTeam has developed a game based on a unique combination of sports betting and UK Premier League fantasy football which is guaranteed to be favourite with football fans globally.

“Partnering with MasterTeam allows us to tap in the massive global fantasy Premier League football and sports betting markets while giving our Members more choice.”

Avron Goss — Founder NFT4Play

Traditional fantasy football games are less appealing to players as they require season-long commitment and punish irregular players. MasterTeam has solved this issue by connecting users to every game in all 38 Premier League gameweeks a season. Every Game Matters.

Players pick a weekly fantasy Premier League team to accrue points and try to beat the MasterTeam’s points total. This is a one-on-one level playing-field between the player and MasterTeam — total parity. Do you have what it takes to beat the MasterTeam?

It is both fantasy football with a new twist and casual football betting with enticing competition.

“MasterTeam is breaking ground by offering the first UK Premier League based Play2Earn fantasy football game in the market.”

Alex Riddell — Co-founder, MasterTeam

About MasterTeam Fantasy Football

MasterTeam is a UK based company that is preparing to launch a fantasy football app into the UK gaming market. Founded in 2018, the team has developed and trialled a successful prototype and are currently gearing up to launch in the UK.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn gaming platform that enables players to collect and trade NFT cards and then play and bet against each other in tournaments for prizes. Players will receive significant rewards from their membership as well as engage in tournaments and PvP matches in the game of their choosing; whether it be sports or fantasy.

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