NFT4Play Partners with Babylons

3 min readJan 5, 2022

Bringing Legendary Cards to the Play2Earn Community

Legendary Soccer Cards and 4PLAY tokens are going to be at the core of the NFT4Play ecosystem and NFT4Play therefore wants to make sure that these are fairly distributed to the Play2Earn community. Finding the right INO and IDO partners has therefore been important to us.

The NFT4Play Legendary Soccer Cards are at the heart of the Play2Earn on the NFT4Play. While they may be attractive to investors as they provide access to the Legendary Lottery which will distribute 5% of 4PLAY tokens earned from the Soccer Game to holders, they are going to be must-have cards to players. Their in-game boosts might just give players the edge in tight competitions and the more they are played as captain of the team the more they can earn.

NFT4Play therefore has a desire to get these cards into the hands of the Play2Earn community rather than pooling them into sales to large investors. A wide owner base will ensure a dynamic and competitive gaming platform.

We have therefore selected Bablons as one of our INO partner platforms as they specialise in Play2Earn NFTs and run INOs which ensure widespread and fair distribution.

“We have selected Babylons as a partner for our INO and IDO as they go beyond being a marketplace by putting the interests of the Play2Earn gaming community first.”

Avron Goss — Founder NFT4Play

There are 10,000 Legendary Cards in total, but only 5,000 will be sold via all INOs. This will be the only opportunity to obtain Legendary Cards at a low price as the cards sold post INO will be significantly higher in price. This has the dual benefit of providing Legendary Cards to early supporters at a reasonable price, while reducing circulating cards at launch and therefore initially increasing rewards. This will mean active players with Legendary Cards are going to get a real boost.

4PLAY tokens are going to have widespread use-cases in the gaming ecosystem including buying additional cards at a significant discount, powering up cards and taking part in games. The main source of 4PLAY tokens for players will be Seed, Private and Public round holders. In addition, staking will only be available to reasonably sized holders so securing an allocation early will be vital to participate.

To find out more about the INO and IDO with Babylons, follow our announcements channel or visit Babylons [] website.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn gaming platform that enables players to collect and trade NFT cards and then play and bet against each other in tournaments for prizes. Players will receive significant rewards from their membership as well as engage in tournaments and PvP matches in the game of their choosing; whether it be sports or fantasy.

About Babylons

Babylons is a pioneering next-gen community-governed NFT marketplace and a leading blockchain gaming aggregator on BSC with low gas fees, fast transactions and an easy-to-use minting platform where a user can create green NFTs, collect from amazing artists and trade their favorite gaming NFTs with other players while being involved in a fully functional DAO that uses the $BABI governance token to operate, get rewarded as well as socialize in a colorful, highly engaging community.

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