NFT4Play Partners with AVG

2 min readJan 11, 2022

Extending reach into the Play2Earn Community

NFT4Play has partnered with AVG to extend its reach to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts and players globally.

AVG has a track record of supporting successful projects and has demonstrated its ability to remain in touch with the crypto community via social media. Their dedicated 25 member team of content creators, video creators and analysts produce high quality social media content for the crypto market which attracts 8,500 views per day.

AVG is particularly strong in the Russian community which has a strong gaming following. In particular, as a result of their commitment to seeking out leading projects and their spend on content creation, their Russian telegram channel has an active audience.

“At the heart of every gaming platform is an active and engaged player community. AVG is well connected to crypto enthusiasts and players, making them an ideal partner.”

Avron Goss — Founder NFT4Play

In addition to their marketing reach, AVG has a strong network of launchpads, VCs, advisors and KOLs. This, combined with their willingness to part projects in touch that can support each other, makes AVG a powerful enabler of projects.

About AVG

Automatic Venture Group is connecting crypto enthusiasts through its wide network of channels which reach knows no bounds: token sales, NFTs (sales and games), spot and futures trading, projects‘ overview on Youtube, and last, but not least, are the metaverses that are the real gems right now, so they also are under the radar. Visit their website to read more about.

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn gaming platform that enables players to collect and trade NFT cards and then play and bet against each other in tournaments for prizes. Players will receive significant rewards from their membership as well as engage in tournaments and PvP matches in the game of their choosing; whether it be sports or fantasy.

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