NFT4Play Partners with 111PG

2 min readDec 27, 2021


Looking after real people, beating those bots

Sniper bots have become a real issue in crypto markets and every day dozens of front-running bots exploit market inefficiencies to drain liquidity from listing projects, forcing genuine community members to buy and sell at the most unfavourable prices. Sniper-bots typically drain $0.5m-$9.0m of liquidity at listing.

“At NFT4Play we will always put real community members first and do what we can to protect them from being exploited. We have therefore opted to implement one of the market leading anti sniper-bot systems out there.”

Avron Goss, Co-Founder NFT4Play

111PG is a market leader in the crypto industry with their multifunctional and fully automated anti-sniping bot protection system.

111PG is a pre-IDO standard protection service necessary for every crypto Start-Up, which solves the pain of a front-running and sniping bots, removes market manipulations, saves projects hundreds of thousands of dollars and makes listing on DЕX really fair.

111PG has now protected over 50 projects successfully across multiple exchanges. Some examples of past projects that have been protected include:

  • Polygonum Online — protected listing on PancakeSwap, saving approximately $1.75m
  • Sugarbounce — protected listing on PancakeSwap, saving approximately $1.2m
  • Ore Network — protected listing on UniSwap, saving approximately $120k
  • Rangers — protected listing on PancakeSwap, saving approximately $260k
  • Vera — protected listing, saving approximately $740k
  • Alkami — protected listing on Uniswap, saving approximately $100k

NFT4Play has therefore partnered with them to build their system into the $4PLAY smart contract and is looking forward to a listing protected from front-running bots.

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