NFT4Play Legendary Soccer Cards

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3 min readDec 12, 2021

NFT4Play is a Play2Earn gaming platform that enables players to collect and trade NFT cards and then play and bet against each other in tournaments for prizes.

Legendary Soccer Cards are limited in number and provide a unique dimension to the game with unique in-game powers and exclusive access to the Legendary Lottery.

TOP TIP: There will only be 10,000 Legendary Soccer Cards ever minted.

This article describes the Legendary Soccer Card powers and the Legendary Lottery, explaining why these cards can tip the balance in a match and earn you more rewards from NFT4Play.

Base features

There are five types of cards in the game; Green, Silver, Gold, VIP and Legendary. Each card can be upgraded 10 times for a fee in 4PLAY tokens and time locked. The Legendary cards have the base capabilities of a VIP card, but there are no associated upgrade costs. They can therefore be upgraded immediately free of charge.

TOP TIP: Upgrading a card can take a month. This can be bypassed with Legendary Cards enabling you to assert early dominance.

Legendary Captains

History is littered with teams that scrapped their way to victory because they were led by great captains — true legends of the game.

A Legendary Card in the captaincy sport boosts every player in the team, giving them an edge to win.

In addition, every match the Legendary Card captains earns it a captaincy point making it more valuable in the Legendary Lottery.

TOP TIP: Legendary Card captains do not guarantee a win, but do guarantee more value in the Legendary Lottery whether the team wins or loses.

Team Experience

Teams will obtain an experience boost based on the level of cards played in each team, with Green cards having the least experience and Legendary Cards having the most experience. Once again, experience does not guarantee success but certainly helps give the team an edge.

Top Tip: Stacking a team with Legendary Cards does not guarantee a win, but can certainly help push a team over the edge when playing against equally powered cards.

Legendary Lottery

Legendary Soccer Card holders are eligible for a bonus distribution of 5% of 4PLAY tokens made from soccer NFT sale card sales, upgrades, and gameplay. This distribution is made via the Legendary Lottery.

In the spirit of Play2Earn, lottery prizes are not evenly distributed but will be skewed in favour of Legendary Soccer Cards that occupy the captaincy spot in more games. They do not have to win to qualify, they simply need to play.

Top Tip: All legendary cards will win something, but the Legendary Lottery will ensure active cards win more.

NFT4Play will build a mechanism for Legendary Card holders to lend then their Legendary Cards to active players. The player benefits from the enhanced in-game powers and the Legendary Card owner benefits from owning a more active card.

Note that activity follows the card and not the player, so activity points remain with the card if they are sold or transferred to other players. Each captaincy therefore adds to the value of the card.

How do I secure a Legendary Soccer Card

Five percent, equaling 500, of the Legendary Soccer Cards have been set aside to give away; examples include via our Gleam Campaign and AMAs.

The remainder of the cards will be made available via an IDO on the equinox platform and will be sold in the following tiers:

  1. Equinox INO 9,500 cards
  • There will be 9,500 cards offered in total
  • Pricing will be published by Equinox pre-INO
  • Pricing will increase in tranches, the earlier you buy the cheaper the card will be

2. Post-INO Price

  • Unsold cards will be sold via the NFT4Play website at a significantly higher price than the final Equinox Price. It is likely that costs will at least double as we wish to support early community supporters.

Top Tip: The cheapest way to secure a Legendary Card is via the IDO. Post IDO prices will go up significantly.

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