Legendary Soccer Cards 4PLAY Distribution Rules

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Legendary Soccer Cards form the cornerstone of the Play2Earn economy of NFT4Play Football Games such as Penalty Shootout. This article explains how 4PLAY tokens are distributed to Legendary Soccer Card Holders.

There are additional in-game utilities for Legendary Cards. This includes the Experienced Team Boost and increased likelihood of having high skill scores. If you wish to know more about this read this Medium Article.

How Can I Get Legendary Cards?

There is a limit of 10,000 Legendary Cards. They can be received as an airdrop or bought on:

TOP TIP: The more you play your card the more 4PLAY tokens you will receive, those played most as Captain get even more! It therefore is worth acquiring cards with attributes that complement your team.

Note that when Legendary Cards are distributed as an airdrop (or as part of the INOs) they are distributed as Legendary Medals which allow you to mint your Legendary Card on NFT4Play. Legendary Medals are therefore NOT Legendary cards and will NOT accrue 4PLAY tokens.

TOP TIP: Mint your Legendary Cards as soon as you receive your medal to ensure you do not miss out on your distribution.

How Are 4PLAY Tokens Distributed

On a monthly basis we will distribute 5% of 4PLAY tokens earned from:

  • Football NFT Cards bought using 4PLAY tokens
  • 4PLAY earned from commission from playing Penalty Shootout
  • 4PLAY earned from future games that utilise the Soccer Cards

The total will be airdropped directly into wallets containing Legendary Cards at the time of the calculation. For the absence of doubt, if the card is transferred from wallet A to wallet B between the calculation and the distribution then the distribution will be made to wallet A.

The following calculation will be used:

NumCards = Total number of minted Legendary Soccer Cards
Total4PLAY = the amount of 4PLAY available for distribution in the period

Total4PLAY is then split so that:

  • 50% is divided equally between all cards
  • 30% is divided pro-rata according to the number of games played
  • 20% is divided pro-rata according to the number of captaincy spots played

GamesN = The number of Games Played points for Legendary Soccer Card N

TotalGames = The total of all games played by Legendary Cards

CaptaincyN = The number of Captaincy points for Legendary Soccer Card N

TotalCaptaincy = The total of all Captaincy Points for Legendary Cards

4PLAY Distributed to Card N = Total4PLAY x [(50% x 1/NumCards) + (30% x GamesN/TotalGames) + (20% x CaptaincyN/TotalCaptaincy)]

TOP TIP: Play your Legendary Cards often to build real value, Captains will get a real and tangible boost!

IMPORTANT: NFT4Play reserves the right to change the basis of this calculation and the frequency of distribution.It is also possible that the distribution will be subject to DAO voting in future.

Worked Example

Assuming that there are 100 Legendary Cards that have been minted, and there are 100,000.00 4PLAY tokens to be distributed at the time of distribution.

The table below shows a hypothetical scenario of how many times each card was played and how many captaincy spots they played in. For ease of demonstration we have assumed a lot of cards had the same stats (e.g. there were 10 cards that played 50 games each and were played as captain 10 times — which we call Group B here). In reality each card could have a unique combination of games played and captaincy spots.

As can be seen, the cards that played the most as captain (Group A) received about 10.5x more tokens each compared to cards that did not play at all.

The reason for this is:

  • Base Distribution of 50% x 100,000 is split equally between 100 cards so each card receives 500.00 4PLAY tokens for this
  • Games Played Distribution of 30% x 100,000 is split equally amongst 2,150 games played so each game played earned the card 13.95 4PLAY tokens
  • Captaincy Distribution of 20% x 100,000 is split equally amongst 600 times a card played as Captain so each time the card played as Captain it earned 33.33 4PLAY tokens

Cards that are played are therefore highly rewarded compared to cards that do not play.

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