Buy 4PLAY on PancakeSwap and Win NFTs

Prizes Available

  • 5 x Legendary NFTs ($500 each)
  • 5 x VIP NFTs ($100 each)
  • 5 x Gold NFTs ($50 each)
  • Everyone else will get a Silver NFT ($25 each)


  • STEP 1
    Buy at least 1 4PLAY token on PancakeSwap. Click here
  • STEP 2
    Fill in this form providing your PancakeSwap TX ID, a BSC wallet to receive our prize and the number of 4PLAY tokens you bought.
  • Every 4PLAY token bought during the valid period counts as 1 ticket in the draw.
  • To win a Legendary NFT you must buy at least 7,500 4PLAY tokens
  • Tow win a VIP NFT you must buy at least 5,000 4PLAY tokens
  • 1 Legendary NFT will be made available per every 10 qualifying accounts or part thereof. For example, if 15 accounts buy 7,500 4PLAY tokens then 2 Legendary NFTs will be made available
  • NOTE: If we detect 5 or more scam entries we will reserve the right to cancel the competition.
  • Any transaction made before the 28th March 00:00 UTC will be considered.




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